About Truth Well Told

Truth Well Told is dedicated to stirring the soul through attractive, original art that is suffused with meaning. Our designs are available for sale on T-shirts at Amazon.com

Many of our designs are representations of sculptures that we have hand-crafted using kiln-formed, fused glass. These primitive masks are original creations, modeled using themes from native tribal designs. We use faces to express our connection with nature and spirit, to explore primitive instincts, and to depict the range of human feelings.

We are drawn to bright, vivid colors with strong contrast, aspiring to create graphics that make light sing, draw in the eye, and hold the viewer’s gaze long enough for him to experience the design’s reflection within himself. Above all, we strive to create works of art that are nuanced and appealing, regardless of what they might be trying to tell us. We hope that as you browse through our gallery, you will feel your soul bloom.